SP perspectives

We are looking for submissions for stories and accounts of your SP methodology experiences as SPs.  Please read our short submission guidelines here.

SP perspective from Anders Bergstrand

Anders, who is based in Sweden, shares how he undertakes a role to be a patient – by putting himself in the patient’s shoes through reflection of his own personal experiences.

Contact email: anders@kameraklick.se


Inga Feitsma

SP perspective from Inga Feitsma

Inga’s reflection reveals that the involvement in scenarios and role plays has an impact for the SP, as well as learners.

Contact email: ifeitsma1@gmail.com


Genevieve Frew

SP perspective from Genevieve Frew

To play a small but vital role in the training of professionals especially in terms of giving feedback.

Contact email: genevieve.mef@bigpond.com.au


Libby Bancroft1

SP perspective from Libby Harrison (nee Bancroft)

Highlighting that a sense of humour is a must as SP.

Contact email: add.lib.training@gmail.com


Daniel Humphris Headshot 3

SP perspective from Daniel Humphris

Daniel’s experience reveals the research that a SP may undertake to portray roles. This allows him to appreciate and understand better the symptoms of mental illness.

Contact email: danieljhumphris@gmail.com



SP perspective from Peter Macris

Emphasis on communication skills.

Contact email: peter.macris@monash.edu / macris@tpg.com.au



SP perspective from Natasha Milazzo

Natasha’s experiences highlight the rewarding nature of being a SP.

Contact email: jknenterprise@gmail.com




SP perspective from Wendy Spencer

Wendy’s reflection reveals that the impact of working as a simulated participant (SP) has an impact on both the learner as well as the SP.

Contact email: wspencer3@bigpond.com