Consulting services

SPN is pleased to offer consulting services.

We offer courses that can be tailored for your program’s needs. It is recommended that the courses range from ½ day to 5 days. With this service, you will work together with our Director, Professor Debra Nestel and/or Deputy Director, Dr Cathy Smith.

Areas/topics that we offer are:

  1. Principles and practices of simulated participant (SP) methodology
  2. Starting an SP program
  3. Approaches to scenario development that include SPs
  4. Preparing SPs for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) or other assessments
  5. Working with SPs across the lifespan
  6. Community-based SP practices
  7. Supporting SPs in feedback practices
  8. Extending the activities of your simulation centre to include a SP program
  9. Faculty development for SP practitioners
  10. Extending the scope of practice of SPs
  11. Development activities for SPs
  12. Working with volunteers as SPs

For inquiries about tailoring your own SP methodology course, contact us.

Professor Nestel is also available through Monash MIHCE where she offers short and award courses: