Tracy Morrison

Lecturer, College of Health & Biomedicine, Victoria University

Tracy MorrisonTracy is a lecturer in osteopathy at Victoria University (VU). She is passionate about education and has a strong interest in educational theory and research, simulation education and organisational theory. Developing curriculum is a passion of Tracy’s and since commencing her appointment at VU in late 2013, she has led the development of a new osteopathic curriculum to be implemented in 2016. Tracy and her colleague Brett Vaughan, have also designed a longitudinal evaluation strategy, which will compare graduates of the traditional lecture based osteopathic curriculum and the new integrated curriculum. This is the first osteopathic program in Australia to move towards this style of curriculum.

Tracy has been involved in projects on various aspects of medical education including rural general practice, surgical training, simulated patients (SPs) and leadership. She has worked on Health Workforce Australia funded projects and was the evaluations officer for the national health education and training in Simulation (NHET-Sim) Program. She currently works as a workshop facilitator for Health Education Australia Limited (HEAL), delivering SP workshops across Australia.

Working with patients is something Tracy enjoys and she works in a private osteopathic practice in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She has a strong interest in treating patients with longstanding, complex pain and integrates hands on therapy with education and advice on an active lifestyle. Tracy sees manual therapy becoming more prominent with the increasing incidence of chronic musculoskeletal conditions in Australia and is excited to see the future of the osteopathic profession in this changing healthcare landscape.

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