Bill Haigh

Blended learning and Research Coordinator at School of Rural Health Latrobe Valley and West Gippsland, Monash University

Bill HaighBill has responsibility for developing, piloting and implementing e-learning tools to support learning and teaching in classroom and clinical contexts for undergraduate medical and allied health students. These tools include an electronic logbook, an electronic portfolio, and electronic games to support clinical reasoning and decision-making.

Bill has over thirty years of experience in dealing with digital information in workplaces. He has designed and monitored simulation exercises to illustrate medical, military and industrial scenarios so that participants can attempt resolution of realistic problems in a safe learning environment, and record their responses for later reflection and evaluation.

Bill is trained in setting up Laerdal simulation equipment, and works with clinicians to create realistic training scenarios to prepare students to learn and participate in the clinical workplace.

Bill has extensive knowledge of data transferring across differing platforms and remote sites and is aware of the issues involved in distributed delivery of educational programs, and supporting learners and teachers working at a distance from their peers, supervisors and students. Part of this process involves designing, implementing and piloting user interfaces using multiple digital platforms.

Bill’s latest projects involve virtual patients, virtual rehabilitation and he is working with a team of physiotherapists to create games to support individuals recovering from hip replacement surgery using existing gaming technology. He is currently working on a project which will help adolescents cope with diabetes type 1.

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