SP perspective from Anders Bergstrand

SP Anders BergstrandWhen I am doing my role-play as an SP I always ask myself “How can I make this as realistic as possible?” How will I feel as the patient wearing the hospital gown, maybe for the first time? How will I react to the unknown, not knowing what will happen next? How would I feel if I was getting worse?

By using a technique called Method Acting (using your own experiences) you will actually learn how to BE a patient, not to ACT as a patient.

Last year when I started as an SP I had to do a Stroke scenario. For that situation, I recalled several memories from the past. Worry and fear came from my own Atrial Fibrillation a couple of years ago. Slurred speech came from old relatives. Impaired mobility reminded me of the day when I hurt my knee. After the simulation, the supervising doctor asked me about when I had my own stroke. Since I have never had any stroke for real, that comment made my day

Anders Bergstrand, Sweden (anders@kameraklick.se)