The Simulated Patient Network (SPN)

Welcome to the Simulated Patient Network – SPN (previously, Victorian Simulated Patient Network – VSPN) website. The SPN aims to provide individuals interested in simulated patient (SP) practice with a network to share with and from each other. SPs are individuals trained to portray real patients. SPs contribute to health professional education in many ways. There is a spectrum of SP practices that are expanding. The SPN aims to connect SPs, educators, students, clinicians and others through this website.

Update about the SPN e-learning modules: 23rd June 2021

We are pleased to announce that our e-learning modules will be available via the e-learning platform. Previously, the modules were offered as a 13 units within 1 program/course. The modules have been re-formatted and updated, and are now offered individually. The first 2 modules: M1 – Foundation program in Simulated Patient Methodology and M2 – Creating roles for SPs will be launched on the 1st July 2021 – Early bird registrations are available now here.

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