Shane Pritchard

Physiotherapist at Alice Springs Hospital

shane_pritchardShane is a physiotherapist and completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy (with Honours) in 2013 at Monash University, Victoria, Australia. Concurrent to his physiotherapy studies, Shane completed an Honours research project investigating the contribution of simulated patients (SPs) to physiotherapy education. This involved consulting with SPs on their perspectives on practice and expert SP educators on their perceptions and experiences of training methods. Shane is continuing this project as a Masters of Philosophy candidate at Monash University. His work was presented at national and international conferences in 2013-14.

Shane has previously held positions as Project Officer with the National Health Education and Training in Simulation (NHET-Sim) Program, and Project Officer (Educational Research) with the School of Rural Health, Monash University. In the latter position, Shane contributed to various journal papers on healthcare simulation education, in addition to the VSPN. Shane has also delivered workshops and seminars on simulated patient methodology for the NHET-Sim Program, the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and at health education conferences.

Shane co-authored the “SPs and moulage” and “SPs in nursing, pharmacy, paramedicine and physiotherapy” modules for the VSPN. Shane has also worked as an SP.

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