AndreeGambleAndree has been traveling and shares her reflections on some of her visits to conferences as well as sites that utilises SP methodology, with a focus on those working with children and adolescents SPs:
“Simulated or standardized patients, whatever term is used, seemed to take a back seat in the conference proceedings at the IPSS workshop/conference which was recently held in Boston.  In a similar vein, the engagement of children and adolescents as simulated patients appeared to be usurped by technology during the SimPEDS course offered at Boston Children’s Hospital. Although an excellent course, particularly to expand debriefing knowledge, there was a focus on working with manikins of varying technological ability. In contrast, visiting key UK sites and with people involved in SP methodology revealed some centres are engaging children and adolescents despite the perceived challenges.  Meeting with Carrie Hamilton, from SimComm Academy, just one of the amazing people willing to share their knowledge and experience, has reinforced to me the possibilities and benefits of working with children/adolescents in health care simulation programs.”
The photo attached shows Andree together with Carrie Hamilton.
For more about Andree and her research visit her ResearchGate profile.