SP perspective from Inga Feitsma

Inga FeitsmaAs a Melbourne based actress with over 25 years of experience in film, TV and theatre, I have enjoyed working as a ‘live subject’ with a workplace training organisation, undertaking scripted scenarios as well as role play situations with seminar participants. When I toured an educational which dealt with anorexia, alcoholism and drug abuse, I found it a very moving experience, especially when the students had the courage to share their personal feelings and experiences in relation to the topics we covered. This was both during the sessions and via letters they would send us.

The biggest reward I have had in being a SP is witnessing how much the participants get out of the scenarios and role-plays. The level of detail participants derive from scenarios always impresses me. I also enjoy witnessing the reactions from people when they participate in role-play situations. I’m certain the memory of this experience will stay with them and benefit them long after they have attended the seminar.

Inga Feitsma (ifeitsma1@gmail.com)