SP perspective from Libby Harrison (nee Bancroft)

Libby Bancroft1I have been a Simulated Patient at Griffith University since 2009 and I was the Human Patient Simulation Coordinator. It is a job that I absolutely love and so proud to do. We often sit in our green room comparing notes (always anonymously, of course) on funny or interesting things that the students have said.

Some of my favourites from the past are:

A young man who did not quite know how to finish off our conversation (Year 1 communication workshop, and I was there for a routine pap smear). So he ended with, “Thank you for talking to me, and have a great pap smear!”

My favourite story happened to a male SP. Tummy Trouble day. His character had some sort of sore tummy issue and the student he was talking to was a young female.

Student: Does anything make it better?
SP: Quickeze
Student: So casual sex makes your tummy feel better?

Best job ever!

Libby Harrison (nee Bancroft) (add.lib.training@gmail.com)