A way forward: Enhancing the Simulated Patients’ role, through an extended performance based training framework


As Simulated Patients’ (SPs) become increasingly engaged in more complex learning and assessment situations, training programs need to match developing the skills and attributes required, for a worthy performance.

To add value to the SPs performance, the University of Tasmania Hobart School of Medicine offers an SP extended training program couched in a performance based framework. The program combines theoretical underpinnings, coupled with extensive performance development sessions. The team combines a manager of the program with a database system to envy, an SP educator, a clinician to guide the clinical context, with an experienced artistic director, as central to the good outcomes.

This training approach has helped to enhance the SPs clarity of role, to offer more dynamically charged performances, with an increased ability to portray a sustaining, standardised, rewarding performance.

For more details about this program contact Neil Sefton at: Neil.Sefton@utas.edu.au