Cultural Respect Encompassing Simulation Training (CREST)


Cultural Respect Encompassing Simulation Training (CREST) was developed under the auspice of HWA in partnership between Victoria University and The University of Melbourne. The project uses simulated patient methodology to provide practical experience for students in cross cultural communication, understanding and negotiation.

CREST was envisaged to extend simulated patient use in communication skills. Not only does the project present culturally and linguistically diverse client encounters but also extends to sensitive communication areas complicated by cultural belief systems. For example, how is mental health perceived amongst different ethnic groups? Or discussing complex feelings around sexual identity where opposing religious and cultural beliefs exist.

In order to avoid stereotyping and provide authentic individualized cultural beliefs for the SPs, the CREST team and simulated patients collaborated on the patient characterizations and scenarios. Scenarios developed as a modified amalgam of real life events shared by the simulated patients, of their own and others beliefs and experiences.

The CREST program SPs represent some of the ethnic and cultural groups commonly encountered in the north and west of Melbourne. The SPs under took training in role portrayal, simulation methods and feedback to students.

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