Books on SP Methodology

SP Book Cover 2015

Nestel, D., & Bearman, M. (2014). Simulated patient methodology: theory, evidence and practice. John Wiley & Sons.

Read more about the book here.

Simulated Patient Handbook

Dudley, F. (2012). The simulated patient handbook: a comprehensive guide for facilitators and simulated patients. Radcliffe.

Read more about the book here.

Simulated patient roles and scenarios

St John of God Health Care – Mental Health Simulation Case Studies
This page has a resource of case studies for simulated patients scenarios, for professionals working in the mental health sector.


The University of Texas Medical Branch – Office of Clinical Simulation
This site provides a detailed SP template for scenario development.

La Trobe University – Department of Pharmacy and Applied Sciences
This template is geared towards Pharmacy students.


SP-Trainer Listserve
This mailing list is maintained by the University of Washington. It provides the latest news and discussion within the SP methodology community.