The Simulated Patient Network (SPN)

Welcome to the Simulated Patient Network – SPN (previously, Victorian Simulated Patient Network – VSPN) website. The SPN aims to provide individuals interested in simulated patient (SP) practice with a network to share with and from each other. SPs are individuals trained to portray real patients. SPs contribute to health professional education in many ways. There is a spectrum of SP practices that are expanding. The SPN aims to connect SPs, educators, students, clinicians and others through this website.

In November 2016, we have over 600 members who come from every continent.

Over the next few months you will notice differences to the website with new tabs, news items and new resources. We also have a discussion board for members to share their experiences and seek advice from other members. Please register here to access the board.

This is an exciting time for the SPN and we hope you will stay connected to support and contribute to the new platform.


It has been brought to our attention that when our site is being accessed using Google Chrome running on Windows 10, our side bar disappears. This makes our sign-up and learning module pages inaccessible. As this is a compatibility issue, we suggest to use a different browser. Alternatively, we have created links within our menu at the top bar (Member access) so you can still access these pages even if you experience the issue.

SPN has a blog now! This blog replaces our news page.
For the latest news in SP methodology, visit our blog here.

Our new address ( is fully functional now. Please update your bookmark accordingly.