This webinar was presented by Dr Tony Errichetti and hosted by Education Management Solutions (EMS). The focus of the topic was on establishing SP programs across multi-sites and how to go about achieving standardisation. Errichetti suggested that the following four questions need to be considered in designing multi-sites SP programs:

  1. What can simulated?
  2. What can be standardised?
  3. What is difficult to standardise?
  4. What cannot be standardised?

In all, he proposed that to achieve consistency, “case content must be identical, with different SPs presenting equivalent challenges”. He further posited what can be homogeneous across sites are the content of the simulation and the processes involved (including the training of SPs).

Within the webinar, he also discussed the challenges of standardisation and as well as when implementing SP methodology in general, and suggestions on how to overcome some of the issues. To listen to the full webinar, request the recording from EMS here.